Bryan Croft

BRYAN CROFT   Winemaker

Maybe we’re biased, but we think that Bryan is one of the most brilliant and talented winemakers in the business. After all, he’s been making wine for us since 1997 and so far, so fabulous. His first job after he graduated from college was at the Silverado Vineyards tasting room in Napa Valley. From there, after a short stint working in the restaurant business, he moved on to winemaking. And the rest is Firesteed history.

Bryan’s day-to-day responsibilities include supervising all winemaking and vineyard operations for Firesteed Cellars. And his twenty-four-hours-a–day preoccupation is thinking about new ways to improve the quality of our wines. Although he’s been doing this for more than a decade, he continues to find every day in winemaking a learning experience. Or as he likes to say, the opportunities for improvement are limitless.

Bryan is so dedicated to his job that no one really knows what he does in his free time. It’s rumored that there is a video of him juggling live hamsters on YouTube but no one has been able to find it, so the mystery continues.

“When people ask me about what’s the best wine to drink with particular foods, I usually tell them that I don’t worry too much about trying to stick to traditional wisdom about food and wine pairings. I always order the most intriguing wine on the menu and choose whatever dish is most appealing to me at that moment. I would never settle on one just to please the other.”